Loraine Rutt


Cartography has always been central to Loraine Rutt’s work.  Age 16, she joined Birkbeck University where she provided mapping services to the Geography Department then, in her mid-20s, she attended Central St Martins to study ceramics and has produced cartographic artworks in porcelain since then.  ‘Coast Lines’ highlights a selection of the intriguing limited edition globes and wall reliefs that are inspired by satellite data, astronaut observations, historic cartography and social research.

Holding an eighteenth century pocket globe, Rutt was struck not only by the exquisite craftsmanship required to make this “perfect piece of jewellery” but also its sense of history – What stories might it tell?  Rutt was inspired to create her own miniature pocket globes: “I wanted to make tiny globes as beautiful as I can and as accurate as I can so that other people can use them to tell their stories.”