Louise Tiplady is a lettering artist, letter cutter and sculptor.

Louise trained as a stonemason and carver at Weymouth College where she worked on projects including the restoration of Hereford Cathedral and Keeble College, Oxford.

In 2007 Louise completed a two-year lettering and lettercarving apprenticeship with Charlotte Howarth, funded by the Memorial Arts Charity (now the Lettering Arts Trust) and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, enabling her to pursue her interests in the lettering arts.

The lettering, carving and sculptures that she has worked on, predominantly in stone, vary greatly in scale. She loves the way that the process of carving with a hammer and chisel can leave very distinctive marks in the stone, which can be used to create movement and flow. Louise enjoys combining words and texture, and making beautifully shaped objects from heavy, unforgiving materials.