Lucas Ferreira



In Lucas Ferreira’s works, small flat rectangles are joined together forming different compositions. Each fragment, the same size and shape, one next to the other, almost sewn together, accumulated to form sequences, rhythms, which are then altered by the inclusion of pieces in a different colour. White, black, blues or different shades of grey woven together to become a sumptuous fabric.

Repetition, sequence, order and interruption convey the method by which the fragments are meticulously arranged creating geometric and abstract shapes. Some of the works appear at the same time in a series, where the alteration of the black pieces marks different spaces and rhythm in the compositions. The work is subtle, intriguing. Only a closer look will offer the viewer a rendition of what it is about. “My work is inspired by geological formations. I enjoy crafting minimalist textured studies inspired by how rocky surfaces are reshaped over time.”

As part of jaggedart’s exhibition, Lucas will present a series of works in different tones of grey, from light, charcoal to almost black, alongside a large installation in white to black, large and small circular pieces, which will echo Alison Gautrey’s vessels.

Lucas was shortlisted as one of the few UK ceramic artists for the Korean Ceramic Biennale. Lucas won the Ceramic Review Newcomer to Ceramic Art London 2019.