Lucie Gledhill


Lucie Gledhill works with precious metals, (predominantly wire) from her London Studio “Made by Ore” where she also teaches technical workshops. Favouring repetitive processes such as weaving wire and making chain, these require a sedentary making stance similar to working with textiles.

The maker’s deliberately low-tech approach allows her to apply herself to the miniature world, where making is done whilst holding her breath, in complete silence. Curb chain has long been a fascination to Lucie since she found her great grandfather’s fob chain tucked away in an old ice cream box under the stairs. Lucy likes to challenge the traditions of how chain was traditionally made and worn by creating links of an extreme scale, that have different shapes and sometimes move in unexpected ways. Lucie also is part of a unique collaboration with Romilly Saumarez-Smith, which requires her to interpret Romilly’s verbalized designs into pieces of jewellery.