Lucille Lewin’s work is the result of research into the origins of 18th Century European porcelain, and the alchemists who invented it.  The work references the Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities, and the early microscopic photographs of the natural world by Karl Blosfeldt.  Lewin takes great inspiration from the crystal rooms at the Science Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.  Lewin’s sculptural ceramic objects explore the relationship between form, chemistry and process.

Lewin is a South African born British sculptor working in porcelain, glass and metal. Founder and director of Whistles (1976-2001) and Creative Director of Liberty (2007-2008), Lewin left fashion for a career in sculpture with a Diploma in Fine Art and Ceramics from CityLit (2014). She recently completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art (2017) and has shown at Christies, Messums Wiltshire. Lewin is the winner of the 2017 Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize.