Lucy Elisabeth

Lucy Elisabeth

Lucy Porter of Lucy Elisabeth creates sculptural illustration susing carefully formed monochrome and coloured wire, taking delight in the quality of line that wire creates; its shape, shadow and form. She calls herself a sculptural illustrator and her work explores the concept of frameworks, patterns, plant and skeletal forms. Lucy is inspired by natural structures: climbing foliage, human and animal anatomy. Her aim is to simplify, highlight and identify certain patterns in nature and use them to create repeated forms that can be moved and placed to interact with their immediate surroundings.

The process of bending wire is immediate and intimate. Each gesture she makes is irrevocably a commitment by Lucy to creating an expressive line that exists in three dimensions. Within her work she aims to create dynamic contrasts between solid three dimensional lines and the negative spaces in between. Lucy’s larger scale wirework sculptures are created to interact with the space around them, creating shadows and movement. She loves the immediacy of wire, the sense of creating a line that draws within a space, rather than on a sheet of paper.

Lucy Elisabeth joined the Design-Nation portfolio in 2018.