Maîtres Robinetiers de France




With more than a century of experience in working with brass, the Maîtres Robinetiers de France are the guardians of unparalleled French know-how. This synergy has allowed each of the group’s brands (Miroir Brot, Margot, Cristal&Bronze and Serdaneli) to push the boundaries of creation and broaden their offering, while anchoring it in the present day.

Made in the purest French tradition, their creations embody French elegance; an art of living that is the envy of the world. Through its four brands, the collections of the Maîtres Robinetiers de France transcend borders, from Europe to Asia by way of the Middle East.

Recognised by the French state as a Living Heritage Company (EPV), the Maîtres Robinetiers de France are driven by a deep passion for craftsmanship. Each step of the manufacturing process – from casting to assembly, including machining, polishing and the treatment of surfaces – is carried out in their workshops in the Paris region and in Picardy.

A key figure in the world of luxury bathrooms, the Maîtres Robinetiers de France cater to professionals  such as interior designers and decorators, as well as to private individuals in the hotel, retail, residential and yachting industries.

Thanks to their French expertise, the Maîtres Robinetiers de France offer collections that combine authenticity, elegance and quality. Trained in the traditional techniques of metal working, their artisans shape each piece by hand, from delicate brass work to exceptional finishes. Each creation is treated like a work of art: the details and materials are carefully thought out and selected.

From marble inlays (Portoro Black, Bardiglio Grey) to semi-precious stones (sodalite, onyx) and even crystal and mother-of-pearl, the materials are harmoniously combined to create unique pieces. The Maîtres Robinetiers de France have preserved and perpetuated traditional know-how in metal craftsmanship while modernising their profession. This expertise allows them to offer 31 different decorative finishes, from metal finishes to patinas and more, common to all four brands.