Majeda Clarke

Majeda Clarke is an award-winning textile designer specialising in weave.

Inspired by her own cultural background, Majeda’s designs celebrate regional weave techniques and the identity of the maker. Whether in small batch production or entirely handmade she seeks sustainable, local production. All the designs deconstruct the geometry of weave whilst colour and pattern are reconsidered in a fresh modern approach.

She works closely with local weaving communities such as the UNESCO Jamdani weavers of Dhaka, renewing ancient techniques. Majeda’s mill woven pieces also explore a lost weaving heritage, at Silk Mills in Suffolk or the Woollen Mills in Pembrokeshire. The heritage of these mills can be traced back generations.

Joining Cockpit originally as a Clothworkers Awardee in 2016, Majeda has won several awards and competitions including Bemz for IKEA, Heals and The SDC Judges Highly Commended award for colour. She has exhibited at the London Design Festival and The Aram Gallery.