Majeda Clarke is a London-based and award-winning textile artist specialising in weave. Her multidisciplinary approach to design appeals to a wide international audience, and she has been featured in publications such as The Wall St. Journal, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph. Majeda’s woven designs have a familiarity about them whilst retaining an originality and uniqueness of perspective, touching upon her mixed Asian and British heritage.
Majeda works closely with weaving cultures that pass on traditional techniques and thus sustain communities, such as the UNESCO Jamdani weavers of Dhaka, and mills in Lancashire and Wales. However, in the way she subtly changes patterns or adds pops of vibrant colour, her designs take on a new identity; dynamic patterns in muslin scarves or Modernist Bauhaus-inspired blankets. Master weavers from these communities have enhanced her knowledge and the skills she has acquired through her research are applied to all her handwoven pieces, continuing traditions in bold new ways.
Commissions have included Fortnum & Mason, Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and international hotels. Majeda is interested in the local – where quality materials, sensitive colour choice and traceable sources are threads that runs through her work, and this narrative is told in maps and story cards that her clients treasure.

Majeda is part of Design-Nation, presenting at The Future of Craft, Oxo Tower Wharf for London Craft Week.