Makers Cabinet

Makers Cabinet are inspired by the most time-honoured materials and mechanisms ever made. We often reflect on our past to design for now and the future. Our products are designed to be kept forever as we counter what is ephemeral and standardised.

We are committed to creating a community of makers who are satisfied, inspired and cherish the functional tools with which they create with. That is why our new designs always start with conversations in the workplace where we attempt to understand what can be improved to provoke creativity.

Our first product the Høvel was launched In 2017 alongside our Product Design degree at Central Saint Martins. Høvel is a miniature hand plane used for sharpening pencils to any given point. Its easily replaceable carbon steel blades allow you to keep it supremely sharp and rid yourself of pencil lead breaking frustration.

Later on this year we will be launching our second product – the Iris. Iris is designed to perfectly measure and aid in the drawing of circles. Its stainless-steel leaves rotate inside of a solid brass enclosing, scaling to the perfect size. It was heavily inspired by cameras evoking the seductive aperture openings of a lens. Its red dot allows you to naturally gauge the Iris for creating repeat and changing circles. The Iris will be launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Our well-designed objects have caught the attention of industry leaders within the stationery and gift markets. Later this month we will be exhibiting at the London Stationery Show’s Launchpad where we will be on the Trend Tours route  and will be holding a workshop demonstrating “how to properly sharpen a pencil.” Earlier this year our Founder and Head of Design Odin Adargh was awarded a ‘Star Choice’ in Stationery Matters’ Thirty under Thirty award and we have been shortlisted for a Prize in the Stationery Awards for Høvel. Alongside this we were awarded a spot in the Central Research Laboratory’s Accelerator program allowing us to boost the growth of our company by developing products and meeting business front-runners.