Working across a broad range of crafts and disciplines, the Makers Tales Collective brings together exceptional artisans and their work in virtual and real-life settings to inform and inspire the creatively curious.

The Makers Tales Collective celebrates the stories behind each member’s artisan designs for interiors, revealing how the spirit of encouragement and collaboration runs through every textile, sculpture and paper creation.

The founder members of the Collective are Allyson McDermott, (wallpaper) Tania McIvor of Cloth & Clover (textiles and wallpaper) , Margit Wittig ( sculpture & lighting), Pink House by Rebecca Cole (textiles) and Sarah Burns Patterns (natural dyer and printer).

The collective inspires, excites and entertains through a series of considered and lively events. Both live and virtual, the workshops, seminars and talks give a wonderful opportunity to creatively present the makers’ work and tell the tales behind them.

Working together on past projects led the founder members to forge firm friendships and establish the great collaborative spirit underpinning the principles of the Maker’s Tales Collective.

The aim is to encourage creative collaboration, provide inspiration through story-telling and give insight into the many processes and techniques both traditional and modern, harnessed in the members work.

Makers Tales Collective members will be taking part in the discussion panel “Celebrating the Beauty of Imperfection” on the 6th October.