Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak


Marcin Rusak’s perishable vases are organic composites made from waste flowers collected from florists, shellac, beeswax and resin.

Marcin comments that: “Decaying and ageing materials have an important place in my practice. I develop them from organic ingredients in order to create objects that have an element of life on their own. Perishable Vases are created as a paradox to examine the way in which we value things around us. We surround ourselves with objects of use, which become irrelevant to us at certain point, but we are stuck with their materiality. Creating something with an aesthetic and emotional value with the constant reality that it might not last forever creates an uncomfortable notion of wanting to preserve however we can. It creates a nonphysical relationship which lasts while we consciously maintain it. I believe it is the objects we value that will outgrow the everyday and become representatives of our times.”

After studying at the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, the designer received his MA in Product Design from London’s Royal College of Art. Since then, he has set up his studio in Swindo Palace, just outside his hometown of Warsaw, Poland. Marcin’s solo exhibition Unnatural Practice will take place in Ordet during Milan Design Week 2021. In 2019, he had a solo exhibition with Sarah Myerscough Gallery at Design Miami and in 2018, his solo exhibition took place at the Horta Museum in Belgium.

His work has also been exhibited at the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium; the Toyama Museum of Art and Design, Japan; and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2015).