Margherita Pandolfini and Karl Jorns

Margherita Pandolfini and Karl Jorns

In an old greenhouse in Florence, Italy resides La Serra MK Textile Atelier. 

Founded by Margherita Pandolfini and Karl Jorns in 2013, their studio is a vibrant and creative space. Their work techniques include natural dyes, eco-printing, hammer printing, silk screen-printing, hand-painting and stencil to create unique soft furnishings for the home. 

Their line of one-of-a-kind hand-made products use the highest quality fabric and pigments; each product reflects their natural surroundings, experiences abroad and as well as keeping the Italian tradition. Margherita studied sculpting and fine art in Camberwell College of Arts in London, where she lived and worked for fourteen years. Karl studied architecture and textile design and lived and worked in Brazil before moving to Florence. The duo met while collaborating together on a project in London. They quickly decided to partner and combine their interests and backgrounds.
The philosophy of La Serra revolves around collaboration with other artists, from painters and fashion designers to chefs and writers. Each project is bespoke and unique, tailored to an occasion.

The studio space is a perfect setting for such creative collaborations and proves an inspiring location for pop-up workshops, intimate dinners and designer showcasing.