Margo Selby

Weaving is the passion of textile designer Margo Selby and the starting point for all she does, whether one-off art pieces or commercial designs. She studied textiles at Chelsea College of Art and Design and Royal College of Art and pushes the boundaries of weaving to make different types of textiles. The work is always stylish, distinctive and using high-quality fibres. Hand-woven and batch-produced textiles are sold through shops and galleries internationally. 

Margo says she is first and foremost a craftsperson: “You can see the time spent designing on the loom in the final result. I work in an intensive and detailed way and I will often go through many versions of an idea before reaching the final design. ”Margo’s developments push the boundaries of decorative woven fabric, embracing innovation. Her collaborations include Alternative Flooring and Osborne & Little.

Margo Selby has been a member of Design-Nation since 2003.