Margo Selby

Margo Selby is a textile artist making visionary and singular pieces on a 24 shaft dobby loom. She has created new large scale hand woven artworks VEXILLUM I, II and III, designed to be shown as an immersive triptych.

These works are both painterly and sculptural, operating as object rather than pictures: the physicality of woven thread as mode of construction, non-representational, with colours integralto the making. Formal aesthetics are paramountand in constant intersection –colour, form, shape, orientation, rhythm–the grammar of Selby’s language. VEXILLUMis a leap inscale from the intimacy of earlier wall-mounted pieces, from human to architectural. This heralds an emergence from the reverie of a weaver-at-her-work, to a new assertiveness, and desire to be heard.

Going beyond the scale of the loom,as Selby has done, is a technical feat –the designs are conceived in their entirety and subsequently executed to an exact plan –the works are made in sections, requiring absolute accuracy to achieve a perfect match and a cohesive whole. Each of the sections comprises 9,000 strands, so 18,000 per square panel and 27,000 for the largest central panel –each one hand-threaded, each counted and re-counted and accounted for.

Margo studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design and Royal College of Art in London, and Atelier National d’Art in Paris. She established her businessin London in 2003 and her Whitstable studio in 2012, leadinga small team of designers. Margo collaborates frequently with global manufacturers and major retailers, including Osborne & Little, Alternative Flooring, Tate and Yorkshire SculpturePark. She has also taught at many leading UK art schools and in her own studio workshops.Margo has been a member of Design-Nation since 2003.