Maria’s work focuses on the historically ill-regarded sense of smell and how the nose holds the key to many creative outcomes.

The abstract qualities of scent are translated into shapes through silversmithing processes and invite the recipient to experience the world more vibrantly, with all their senses. Her work in silver and other metals is visually pleasing and tactile like a pebble picked up on a beach and hidden in the pocket, but also asks the wearer to reconsider the position and power of scent in their everyday life. Maybe these ruminations will inspire a deeper dive into an olfactory world, or perhaps will help the wearer understand what emotions specific scents can elicit, and what needs they can fulfil.

The worn pod can be a source of curiosity or comfort, such is the individual nature of the experiences our noses can waft us through. Maria Gower graduated from The Cass, London in 2018 with BA with First Class Honours in Jewellery and Silversmithing, following her BA studies at Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, Poland.

At present she is an Artist-in-Residence at her old Alma Mater in London.