By Smea Éireann

Mark Cockram

Mark Cockram has been a professional bookbinder, book artist, and teacher for over 25 years. Mark combines techniques from his training in fine art, design, and bookbinding to create stunning, distinctly non-traditional books.

Mark was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders (UK) in 2001 and a Brother of the Art Workers Guild (UK) in 2008. Opening his first book arts studio, in Lincoln, in 1992. In 2003, he opened Studio Five Book Arts in London, where he has been based ever since.

His diverse body of work is represented in public and private collections around the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, British Library, Library of Congress, Grolier Club, and Art Workers Guild. Cockram collaborates with writers such as Mel Gooding and Roger McGough; book arts organizations such as Booklyn (New York) and the Ortigas Foundation (Manila); and the Natural History Museum.


Photo credit: 
Smea Éireann