Mark was elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2001, Brother of the Art Workers Guild in 2008 and appointed Special Researcher to the University of Shanghai Science and Technology College of Art and Design in 2019. He is an Accredited Teacher for the Society of Bookbinders and a faculty Fellow to the New York Center for Book Arts in 2017.

Mark opened his first bookbinding studio in Lincoln in 1992 and Studio 5, London, in 2003. He works in fine contemporary bookbinding, book arts, printing and box art, and is exhibited nationally and internationally. Mark teaches various aspects of bookbinding/book arts in Studio 5, the UK, France, USA, India, the Philippines, China and Japan.

Once described as the Christian Lacroix of bookbinding. Mark’s diverse work is represented in public and private collections around the world, including The National Art Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Library of Congress and The Art Workers Guild. Since being elected Fellow, he has been a regular Booker Prize binder.