Mark Collett




Born in England, Mark Collett now lives and works in the heart of France, where he designs and creates steam-bent oak light sculptures.

Mark’s desire to push the boundaries and limits of wood enables him to shape elegant and beautiful pieces. Inspired by his local landscapes and the pure lines of nature, he is driven to create amazing structures, like his most sought-after creations, his bespoke suspension lights. Mark has always held a strong ethos from which he refuses to waver. This includes using locally sourced materials, creating finished products to the highest standards, being reliable, flexible and providing excellent after-sales service.

The challenge lies in generating the simplest of forms using an age-old technique: “It takes great restraint to stay simple and not to over work any item, l have always found the strongest forms are the purest.”

Mark is currently working with interior designers and private clients in France, Germany, the US, and Puerto Rico.