Mark Tallowin

TALLOWIN is a luxury handbag label dedicated to creating the finest hand-stitched handbags available. The label is based in London and was founded by award-winning designer Mark Tallowin in 2012. Each item is handcrafted from start to finish by the designer. Every single stitch is formed by hand, using an incredible labour-intensive technique known as the 'Saddle Stitch'. On average just one handbag is completed each month.

Every single component is marked by hand, cut by hand, bevelled and burnished by hand, before being stitched - as you may expect - by hand. The only process done outside of the studio is the gold-plating of the hardware. This is entrusted to a respected polisher in London's jewellery quarter.

Mark was part of the 2015 Walpole Crafted Class.