Masako and Kinya Furukawa



Masako and Kinya Furukawa have a process in their work that reflects their individual skills and interests in ceramics, and that expresses their combined creativity. The couple established their ‘Ashiho’ kiln in a wooded glade near Kasama in 1997, and it is here that Kinya makes forms to which Masako applies her skill in decoration.

During this process they do not communicate in detail, but rather allow each a freedom over their aspect. Kinya, who trained in Hagi, a traditional centre in tea ware, brings a sense in materials and roots the work in physical Japanese aesthetics. Masako meanwhile, delivers detail and imagination with her brush and has a distinctive approach to finishing each item. Photos and artefacts stuck above her painting desk, motifs flow for that recall nature, and an undefined sense of Asia. Overall the couple create a world, one in which they are both characters, and both play an equal role in shaping. Their ceramics are a combination of themselves, and of ideas and influences that make for a unique expression in quality.