Matthew Payne




Working from a garden studio at the foot of Dartmoor, in the south west of England, Matthew Payne has quietly built a reputation as one of Britain’s best leather craftsmen.

A Master Harness Maker, he draws inspiration from the raw, unspoilt and natural beauty of his surroundings.

Recent clients have included the Royal Mews, Ralph Lauren and Linley. Matthew has also been commissioned to make a side-saddle for a Hollywood A-lister.

Tradition is everything in the south west, and Matthew’s longstanding relationship with J & FJ Baker & Co Ltd, Britain’s last remaining Oak Bark tannery, allows him to work with the finest English leather available, without using chemicals.

He will be using this leather to create a range for Mews London, a new brand of dog accessories, which will be launched at Bentleys during London Craft Week.