As a hands-on designer and maker, Momoka is fascinated by the skill of weaving. She believes that the slow evolving process of weaving mimics our lives; we get wiser and more beautiful as time passes, and that shapes who we are. For Momoka it is the same for her woven fabric; each living thread contributes towards its individual character.

At the core of Momoka’s practice is an interest in memory. She finds inspiration in how memory is recollected in our brain and decays over time. She primarily works with cotton yarn and denim fabric. Momoka uses bleach and sandpaper to replicate the impact of time on these surfaces. The distressing process makes each fabric unique; it creates a colour flow that is never the same twice. Colours are often subtle, fading textures, eroded in places to represent our life stories. Momoka learnt the value of textiles through her Kimono dresser training; how precious a piece of fabric is, how multifunctional it can be with great care. Her works are sometimes wall panels or hangings to decorate the space; other times, they are wearable pieces like long jackets and dresses, they can be passed to the next generation.

Momoka was born in Japan, and now lives and works in Nottingham.

Momoka is part of Design-Nation, presenting at The Future of Craft, Oxo Tower Wharf for London Craft Week