Morgan Stockton


Morgan Stockton is a firm believer in acknowledging what has been achieved before, in order to create ideas that influence her practice and move her forward. Birmingham’s architectural, industrial and manufacturing heritage has informed herwork both conceptually and aesthetically. Her great great grandfather was a glassblower for Chance Brothers Glassworks, once a leading glass manufacturer and a pioneer of British glassmaking technology in Smethwick, Birmingham. Morgan is actively investigating her personal heritage within Birmingham and hergrandparents' histories with the materials for which her family shares a passion. She embraces the art of historical glass craftsmanship in a contemporary, forward-thinking way that is immersed in process.

Morgan use ssteel and glass to create contemporary one-off sculptures inspired by her heritage that are characterised by a minimal and industrial aesthetic. Her work has a muted monochrome colour palette, highlighting the variations and shapes created by the steel grid structures she creates. The steel dictates the forms and surface pattern of the glass, and embodys a drawing that has “entered into space”. Steel is typically not compatible with glass; however, Morgan explores beyond the traditional preconceptions and extremities of the materials, using an experimental approach to traditional mould-blowing.

Morgan has been a member of Design-Nation’s scheme for recent graduates since 2019