Artist Natascha Madeiski shown in black and white, leaning by a window and looking directly at the viewer.

Natascha Madeiski

“ I am looking for innovation through experimentation with the  materials, their manipulation and processes involved working on the  fine line between experimental and functional objects.” 

Natascha was born in Bolzano, Italy. She studied architecture in  Innsbruck, where she graduated in 2006. She has lived and worked in  Bolzano, Innsbruck, Vienna, Lincoln and, since 2010, London, UK. 

Natascha Madeiski is a multidisciplinary artist, her projects span from architecture, sculpture, lighting to collaborative public art and independent research into advanced manufacturing and fabrication. Her projects mostly based on her architectural background and research, she seeks to bridge elements between industrial fabrication and handcrafted making processes.