Neil MacGregor and Valerie Michael

Neil MacGregor and Valerie Michael have been making leather goods by hand for over 40 years. Beautiful leathers and an uncompromising attention to fine tuning their hand skills and craftsmanship are the foundations of their work.

“Designing and making is a very demanding process, full of risks, right up to the moment when the work in hand is completed. It involves a fundamental understanding about the nature of the materials we work with, which means we have to be constantly updating and developing.

The leathers we use are vegetable-tanned and hard wearing and the surface quality improves with age. We have had the privilege of using a unique 200 year old leather ‘Russia’ leather from the ship wrecked Metta Catharina in the products we make for Purdey. This leather is challenging to use as no 2 skins are alike. Everything we make is hand stitched using linen threads.”