Nick Rawcliffe

Nick Rawcliffe of Rawstudio makes a variety of things, created through his own holistic design approach. Nick hopes the Hive hanging chair can live to be a future classic. It looks timeless but offers so much more when you actually sit in it. He believes that the fact that it came from a real live project he worked on at the Bauhaus in Dessau, creating 3D space from 2D shapes and folds down flat is the icing on the cake.

Nick works in a studio in Woolwich surrounded by a lot of likeminded individuals. New materials and natural textures inspire him the most. He sees material choice as fluid within his design approach so he is not wedded to any particular material.

Nick believes that relating to your niche to build lasting loyalty is a really important factor for craft practice in general in the future. His own aspirations for the next five years include constantly pushing out innovative, new pieces across a variety of materials and generating 1000 true fans.