Om Prakash Galav

Om Prakash Galav inherited the art of pottery making from his ancestors as a part of his family business. He is a Fifth generation pottery maker, having grown up playing with clay. Om was taught the basics of pottery making by his father, Shri Fateh Ram Prajapat, a master craftsperson from Ramgarh, Alwar Rajasthan. He was also taught how to make Alwar’s famous Kagzi pottery, a paper-thin potter, which, as the name suggests is characteristically fine and delicate. 

Om has been supported and applauded by Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Jaipur, District Industry Centre Alwar and other Governmental and private bodies, and is now supported by the Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Craft Council of India and others. 

The wide range of products Om produces includes Kagzi pottery T-Lights, Lamps, decorative pots with fine cutwork, traditional and contemporary furniture, miniature pottery and cooking vessels.

Om uses both traditional and gas kilns for firing products, with Terraterracotta work fired on 900◦C to 1040◦C to increase strength and make them long-lasting. 

Om has received many awards for his contribution to terracotta Craft, including the International Craft Awards (Master Artisan Male of the Year 2017);  Nantong Contemporary Craft Biennale China 2014; UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2014; UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2012; and the National Award 2010.