Pablo Araya

Pablo's work is based on the search for and celebration of natural "waste", such detritus washed-up by rivers. He respects the delicate ecosystem in which he lives and works, only taking what the land offers him.

"The creation of a piece always begins with the collection of materials, it is not a very simple process, many times I have had little luck but this work requires much patience and perseverance. Once I find the raw material, it guides me with the designs, I like to keep most of it in its original form, so that it gives an identity to each piece.

I usually like to think that nature speaks, and that is reflected in the process. I would like more people to visualize the beauty of the often invisible natural waste, to value it and to become aware of the environment.

As far as the production process is concerned, I rely on a chainsaw to make a rough start. Then we move on to manual work with hoes and gouges for emptying, then various grades of sandpaper and finally stamping the mark and sealing with organic natural beeswax and olive oil."