Pamela Print

Pamela Print

A textile designer and artist of handwoven work, Pamela Print creates luxury sustainable pieces for the contemporary home and interior spaces.After learning her craft at Central St Martins and gaining 14 years’ experience as a woven textile designer for some of fashion’s best-known brands, she started her own weaving practice in Belgium in 2017. The ambience of urban Brussels and Art Deco architecture are ongoing sources of inspiration to her.

Using her digital design skills as a departure point, Pamela’s concepts take shape, evolving as she weaves. She uses a traditional dobby loom to meticulously create each fabric, blending complex weave structures and colour, resulting in intricately woven cloth with bold textile art, and functional interior pieces.Sustainability is central to her practice: she uses pure locally-sourced wool and strives to adhere to zero waste principles, the antithesis of mass-market industrial textiles.

Pamela recently brought her studio to a village in rural Essex and now opens her doors to host workshops and to sell directly from her collections.She also undertakes bespoke commissions for private clients and interior designers. Through her weaving practice and workshops with adults and schools she seeks to foster a return to traditional values in craft practice, paving the way to striking a better equilibrium with her environment.

Pamela has exhibited at the London Design Festival and Clerkenwell  Design Week, and been featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard, and Country & Town House. She joined Design-Nation in 2019.