Paula Corrales x Mitsue Kido

Lamps from Chile is a design project linking traditional craft with contemporary design, giving new opportunities to both areas. They amplify commercial networks to benefit Chilean traditional crafts, also giving Chilean design a local and patrimonial identification by the collaboration with traditional artisans.

For the first collection of the project, 5 different luminaries were designed with 5 different traditional crafts within communities from the Maule Region of Chile, including: Crin weaving from Rari, Coiron Basketry from Uraco, Pita Basketry from Teno, Toba Stone from Quinamavida and White Clay from Vichuquén.

They will be presenting the Crin Weaving Lamps, consisting of a traditional craft from Chile made from Horsehair, a unique technique of Rari and also unique in the world. The artisans normally make small pieces with this technique that consists in the crisscross of horsehair and a vegetable fiber named Ixtle as the structure of the weaving.

"For this design, we wanted to push to the limit of the practice preserving the main shape of the technique that is the circle, making circles of 25 cm diameter. Understanding the light conditions that the natural horsehair gives, we created this applique lamp collection, highlighting the technique by the use of light. These unique pieces are made in collaboration with Pilar Vejar, crin weaving artisan of Rari."