Pei-Chi Lee is an installation artist, design researcher and illustrator, whose work looks at the relationship between play and wellbeing, focusing particularly on the public sphere. She aims to explore how culture and daily infrastructure shapes the way we live, move and react, and the possibility of breaking through these norms.

Pei-Chi’s work displays movement in different forms, using a range of media, from textile to drawing, sculpture to installation, as a catalyst to explore and suggest a method of thinking and being in order to look at our everyday experiences from multiple perspectives.

Using a whimsical aesthetic throughout her practice, Pei-Chi employs a wide range of materials and kinetic movement to tell stories which emphasise tactility and interaction with viewers. Her process begins with different forms of research which provide the foundation for both the conceptual and material basis of her work. As her work focuses particularly on the subject of play and wellbeing at public space interventions, she explores different domains from the world of popular culture through to scientific theory. Pei-Chi balances the review of literature with material experiments, interviews and observations to enrich her understanding.

In 2019, Pei-Chi completed her MA in Textiles Mixed Media from the Royal College of Art in London, having previously studied BA Fashion Textiles at the London College of Fashion, graduating in 2014. Her work has since been exhibited internationally in India, Taiwan and the UK, and she has worked on several projects, workshops and talks on the relationship between playfulness and wellbeing.