Pip Howeson

Pip Howeson is an experienced tailor, dedicated to the rejuvenation of the British textile industries.

Pip Howeson is a tailoring perfectionist. Unlike ill-fitting, unsound High Street coats, Pip’s coats promote assets; disguise insecurities and last a lifetime. Her commitment to protecting and promoting the practices of the British textile industries creates the foundation for her promise of excellence.

British mills continue to produce fabrics of incomparable quality and on our very shores. Her meticulous approach leads her to follow each coat on its journey, from shearing sheep in Northern Scotland to perfecting shoulder measurements in her studio in Cannonbury, ensuring that each coat is an immediate classic that has been designed for you, forever.

Pip's Collection is available online in her London studio and at various pop-up events and trunk shows.

Pip was part of the 2014 Walpole Crafted Class.