Award-winning designer Rachel Entwistle grew up in a family of bohemian creators, with a life revolving around inspiration, freedom, and togetherness.

With the value of human connection instilled from a young age, Rachel’s fascination with histories, cultural narratives and diverse ways of living led her to undertake a degree in Cultural Studies and Anthropology. Her studies immersed her in a world where she was able to live and breathe global traditions, rituals, symbolism in tangible objects, and explore what it means to be human.

After a period working in London with NGOs Rachel embarked on a quest to Central America where she first worked for charities and then her extensive travels brought her to Mexico. It was there she first began making jewellery in artisans workshops followed by a period at the University of the Arts Taxco, where she learned the traditional jewellery making techniques that have shaped her path to today. Upon her return to London Rachel went on to refine and clarify her skills further in the renowned Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter.

Through the creation of jewellery, Rachel has been empowered to explore her light and dark, and tell both her own stories, and those of others, weaving them together with her belief in the immense power of symbols, and her understanding of the connections that bind us all together, transcending time and space.

You’ll find Rachel continuing her journey between her studios in Ibiza and at her flagship Rachel Entwistle Jewellery store in Shoreditch, London.