Rachel Fitzpatrick works at the interface of art and design, using tactile materials to create wonderfully playful one-off installations and limited edition pieces for corporate and private interiors and special events. She takes her inspiration from the rhythms of the magnificent sea and landscapes of her native Northern Ireland.

Fluid, often amorphous visual qualities redefine the purpose and shapes of her work, whether decorative lighting, wall and floor coverings, body adornment or even children’s toys. In keeping with the deep-rooted crafts heritage of a rural society, Rachel loves working with her hands and enjoys the challenge of transforming heavy-duty industrial textiles and fabrics into magically beautiful works of art.

Recently Rachel has re-ignited her passion for colour, previously central to her work, but absent in recent years. New work is the beginning of her exploration into why she stopped using colour, and how she will reintroduce it into her practice. ‘Ignition’ is sculpted from hand-dyed Velcro ribbons, in tones of red and oranges with copper foiled highlights. Rachel enjoys repurposing materials: her underlying structures are hanging basket frames. The piece is easily modified to have a centrally light.

Rachel says, “Great craft makes me stop and skip a breath. It excites and inspires me to challenges the boundaries of my own practice.”

Rachel is based in County Down and joined Design-Nation in 2019.