Rachel Jones

Inspired by alchemy and the art of gold as a material, Rachel Jones explores the alloying of metals to produce her own unique colour palette to allow her to “paint” with metal. Through experimenting with the proportions of gold, silver and copper, Rachel has created over twenty unique colours, whilst maintaining the value of traditional 18ct gold. Rachel’s Sunset Gold collection fades through blended tones of red, white and yellow gold to enhance the natural hues in one-of-a kind gemstones, celebrating the classic unity of these traditional materials in a fresh, contemporary way.

With over ten years of experience at the bench, Rachel specialises in bespoke pieces working directly with clients. Over the past decade Rachel has worked for notable jewellers Lin Cheung, Ruth Tomlinson, Mark Nuell and Romilly Saumarez Smith as well as teaching and consulting at Bishopsland Educational Trust.

Since graduating in 2018 from the Royal College of Art, Rachel has continued to research and experiment from her workshop at Gill Wing Jewellery, Islington as their resident Goldsmith.

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