Rachel trained at Brighton college of Art and was a painter and illustrator before working with paper.

She has had a successful career as a paper-artist for over ten years, hand cutting paper with a scalpel rather than a laser as although much more laborious, Rachel likes the idea of the paper having tiny faults and imperfections, enriching it with character.

Usually her work takes the form of figures made from hundreds of tiny scattered paper birds but for the Posidonia project she has concentrated on the nature of the grass and the value of its presence under the sea.

Each piece is the ultimate result of studies, sketches and countless provisional works, created until the right form emerges, emulating the essence of the Posidonia grass.
“For me these artworks are a memorial to all that has gone before and a recognition of the various challenges we are having to live through now”

When not collaborating with Katrina and Lizzie, Rachel is represented by Jaggedart Gallery in Marylebone as well as galleries in Suffolk and Barcelona.