Ray Walton and Contemporary British Silversmiths



Ray Walton is a silversmith with over 30 years experience. The inspiration behind his work comes from a love of nature and natural forms with flowing, spiralling decoration being a current theme of his designs. In the process of translating from his original design drawings to the finished piece of silverware, he draws upon the influences of work by generations of silversmiths.

Every part of his work is hand made, using traditional techniques unchanged for many hundreds of years, from hand raising chasing and repousse to the decorative wires and fluting and swirling patterns. He derives a huge amount of pleasure in seeing forms take place from the flat sheet and with the use of the hammer, leaving its imprint, as a sign of the quality of handmade silver.

As well as being a member of Contemporary British Silversmiths, Ray is a Fellow of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and a Member of the Goldsmiths Company.