Rebecca Stevenson is currently an Artist-in-Residence (Shifting Perspectives Residency) at the V&A, London, where she is developing new work in response to the exhibition ‘Donatello: Sculpting the Renaissance’ and the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries.

Stevenson is a British sculptor who works in a variety of media, including wax, resin and bronze. Her work draws on the traditional methods and meanings of sculpture, but reimagines these through feminist theories and personal experiences of the body. Her practice questions sculpture’s role as a signifier of durability and status. She chooses materials that have a strong historic resonance and invoke can bodily as well as aesthetic responses, for example, by mimicking sugar or other foodstuffs. Whilst incorporating figurative elements, her sculptures ultimately present as mutable, visceral, deliquescent, reveling in the fluidity of molten metal and wax. Via a complex language of form, materiality and art historical references Stevenson investigates with relish what sculpture has to tell us about our condition as humans, as animals, as bodies.

Stevenson graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design in 1998 and the Royal College of Art in 2000. Her solo exhibitions include ‘Delicate Pleasures’ at Fasanenschloessen Moritzburg, Dresden; ‘Bacchanale’ at Collect 2020 with James Freeman Gallery, London; ‘Fantasia’ at Van der Grinten, Cologne; ‘Tempting Nature’ at Mogadishni, Copenhagen; ‘Exquisite Corpse’ at DomoBaal, London.

Group exhibitions include: “Modern Baroque” at James Freeman Gallery, London with Daniel Hosego; ‘Grinling Gibbons: Centuries in the Making’ at Bonhams, London and Compton Verney, Warwickshire with Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Cummings, Lucille Lewin and others; ‘Artists’ Conquest’ at Schloss Pillnitz/Museum of Applied Arts, Dresden with Margret Eicher, Luzia SImons and Myriam Thyes; ‘So Beautiful It Hurts’ at James Freeman Gallery, London, with Carolein Smit and Andrew McIntosh; ‘B.A.R.O.C.K’ at Schloss Caputh, Potsdam and ME Collectors Room, Berlin.

Stevenson’s works are held in the Olbricht Collection, the Collezione Maramotti, the Kraft Collection and the collection of the State Palaces and Gardens of Saxony as well as in numerous private collections internationally.

Rebecca Stevenson lives and works in London