Robert Brain

RHMB was founded by Robert Brain, an extraordinary cabinet maker with an eye for sourcing traditionally unused woods such as London Plane and Lacewood. Robert combines his background as a Philosophy graduate with over three decade’s experience in the luxury interiors market to bring a meticulous and thoughtful approach to the design and construction of each of his pieces.

Since launching RHMB in 2015, Robert has primarily focused on producing high-end cabinetry for private clients from his Hackney workshop. Forging the connection between the product and where it’s produced is important to RHMB, and by sourcing downed trees from London, each piece of furniture comes with a story, with Robert knowing exactly which street or park the tree once stood. RHMB’s designs incorporate considered and contemporary silhouettes, letting the grain of the material really shine, often using contrasting woods and brass details to create a stunning bespoke centrepiece.

RHMB is supported and represented by Future Icons.