Sarah, an internationally acclaimed textile designer, has been a painter of patterns all her working life, painting alongside her sister, the late Susan Collier, since the 1960s. Beginning their careers creating designs for Liberty, they later co-founded the renowned and original design partnership Collier Campbell in 1979. Working together for more than fifty years, they made many iconic designs that are recognizable today – Bauhaus, Egyptian Birds, Cote d’Azure and the stunning Central Park design, commissioned especially by a woman whose own apartment overlooks that famous New York attraction.

Since 2011, Sarah has worked independently, successfully establishing a new chapter in her creative story. Verve, love of pattern and colour, and inventive freshness are at the heart of everything she creates.

With a lifetime in pattern she is constantly developing her skills and design language, marrying hand-painted technique (for which she's justly known,) with new digital technology where needed.

Sarah is also a speaker and tutor in design, runs workshops and is involved in education at several levels, from mentoring textile graduates to volunteering in her local comprehensive. She writes a blog reflecting on the world as she sees it and is the author of ‘The Art of Pattern’ a book recording work made for Liberty of London prints in the ‘60s and ‘70s and ‘Dailies’, a visual journal of 2019 recorded with a different piece of work for each day.

Sarah is also the co-author of 'The Collier Campbell Archive: 50 Years of Passion in Pattern' (published
2012) and the many designs, paintings and treasures in the archive collection, which date from the early ‘60s.