Artist Sarah Maingot looks confidently into the camera in this portrait, looking calm in her studio.

Sarah Maingot

I’m a photographer by trade, an analogue one at heart and when my job went digital I missed the physical making of prints and started looking for something I could make with my hands again. Discovering hand-building pots out of clay was like finding treasure in my garden, like it had always been there and I just had to dig it up. I live in the Cotswolds these days and have converted a lovely Victorian lean-to greenhouse into a dining room. It soon became a favourite place to work, write and create. And so it began a couple of years ago now that I made my little pots in this tranquil spot in my spare time. I’ve called my company Be Still because I have found this time of sitting, moulding clay in my hands to be such an absorbing and calming process that it creates a very still atmosphere, something that feels like a rare and special thing. I never plan a pot, it takes shape organically as my mind drifts so when I step back from the process I am often surprised how it has evolved, they seem to take on a personality of their own.