Sarah Villeneau

Sarah Villeneau is a ceramic artist. She has recently moved to a beautiful purpose built eco studio on a rural idyll overlooking Sheffield city centre; she draws inspiration from being in nature and looks forward to exploring her new environment. In her work Sarah looks for patterns of growth and form and how they resonate across the natural world, including in our own physiology. Finding parallels between the plant and animal kingdoms, and our own very material, physical, biological existence, connects and grounds us.

Sarah thinks that it is fitting that she uses clay to express this; a malleable, organic material that hooked her very early on at an adult evening class. She loves its versatility and expressiveness and tries to exploit its tactile, textural and imitative qualities to create work that looks as if sprung from nature and not made by human hand.

Sarah is most proud of the distance she has travelled since her first attempts on the wheel at that evening class in the late 80s. She is proud to have been elected to the Royal Society of Sculptors as well as being a member of Design Nation. For Sarah, what is important for craft practice is to continue to break down barriers and open up possibilities of what craft can be. Over the next five years she hopes to continue exploring the incorporation of non-ceramic materials, finding subtle ways to develop a sound element to the work and creating an immersive sensory installation for the visitor.