Saskia Saunders creates hand woven sculptures for people who want to use simplicity and space to create a tranquil sanctuary in their lives.

Saunders uses natural materials and yarns such as linen, hemp, and paper to connect people directly to the positive energy of nature. Meditative processes, such as weaving and wrapping are methods of construction. Saunders uses them to demonstrate how we can build and grow steadily towards our future vision, whilst being grateful for the moment in hand.

From her travels in Japan, Saunders is also inspired by the Japanese aesthetic values of : Ma – appreciating the space around things, Wabi-sabi – accepting imperfection and Shibui – enjoying subtle beauty. Saunders’ sculptures do not seek to be perfect, because nature and life are both imperfectly beautiful. Her work invites a calm pause, a moment of contemplation for us to reconnect with ourselves, and the natural world around us