The Scabetti studio was founded in 1999 by Dominic Bromley and is based in Leek, the Queen of the Moorlands, Staffordshire. Dominic and his wife Frances, combine their experience in industrial design and heritage in ceramics, with a passion for the sculptural form and eye for detail.

In 2004 they pioneered their signature suspended ceramic sculptures, gaining critical acclaim at the London Design Festival. 2007 saw their first presentation of Shoal where hundreds of delicate slip cast, fine bone china fish, appear to circle a central light. Ceramics remain their forte, with prominent works also created from steel, such as the twelve metre diameter sculpture, Shoal No8, installed at the Fisketorvet Mall in Copenhagen.

Scabetti collaborated with Winch to create a number of customised Shoals for their clients. Winch’s specialist knowledge of the needs of the location allowed Dominic and Frances to refine the sculptures for the setting.

Alongside their signature collection of Drawn to the Light, Ascension and Shoal, Dominic and Frances continue to develop new works. These range from bespoke commissions such as Pride of Soldiers created for the Ministry of Defence in Utrecht to their soon to be released sculpture depicting birds in flight, aptly supported by Under Winch’s Wing.