Schau Schau




The Schau Schau eyewear studio, founded by master optometrist and eyeglass maker Peter Th. Kozich, is located in the very heart of the Vienna city center. It has been producing exclusive eyewear by hand since the late 1970s.

The hand-made glasses’ distinctive designs have already won several prestigious design and innovation awards. In addition, Schau Schau, a family business, was presented with the Austrian National Coat of Arms Badge for distinguished achievement and an uncompromising pursuit of superior quality.

A pair of spectacles made by the house of Schau Schau is not just a beautiful piece of modern design, but also an example of meticulous craftsmanship using superior top-quality raw materials like cellulose acetate (a by-product of cotton), buffalo horn and precious metals. It is this acute sense of perception and precision that has drawn commissions from many celebrities from the worlds of business, art, politics and sport.