I am a designer-maker. I use award-winning design and exquisite craftsmanship to turn lesser-known and underestimated British wood into beautiful and useful objects; grown in Britain, designed in Britain and made in Britain.

I want to change people’s minds about British wood, design, making and consumption. With the rest of my team, I try to find new ways of doing things and together we try to think differently.

I learnt to design and make furniture at Lincoln University. I have always had an interest in nature and conservation, and while studying at university I began to realise the wide role that design can play in shaping a more environmentally benign future. This quickly became embedded in my design ethos, and has shaped my work since.

So much so, it inspired me to further develop and push my ideas and understanding of sustainable design during a master’s degree in which I looked specifically at using an abundant yet rarely used material, coppiced hazel, to make contemporary furniture.

When I design something, I begin with the material and strive to make something which shows off the beauty of the timber, the elegance of how a piece is constructed and natural textures. My design philosophy hinges on honesty, simplicity and sustainability.