Selina Rose is a textile designer and maker. Her process involves carving and manipulating felted wool to create textile surfaces that feature rhythmical, sculptural, tactile patterns, playing with light and shade and inviting touch. These signature compositions of pattern, colour and material result in unique statement interior surfaces and a range of interior products.

Selina’s studio specialises in creating textile installations, unique fabric panels and rugs. Her new work FORM is one of these panels – an intricately cut, patterned wool felt textile hanging/screen. The design emerged from an immersive and restorative design project in which she returned to her printmaker routes, to develop a series of printed patterns, inspired by the rugged coastlines of both her Cornish heritage and Suffolk where she is now based.

The hand-made patterns were then translated by Selina into her distinctive intricately cut surfaces made from pure wool felt, a naturally circular material. The result is a bold, expressive patterned sustainable fabric which evokes a sense of the textures and forms of the landscapes that surround the maker.

Selina says, “For me craft is a form of communication and expression and the beauty of this is that it benefits both maker and client.”

Selina lives and works in Suffolk and joined Design-Nation in 2021.