Shah Rasheed Ahmed Quadri

Hailing from a well-known family engaged with Bidri Craft that long practised by his forefathers, Rasheed practised under his family elders until 1970, when he started working independently, introduced various, new self-designed patterns, played a vital role to develop the Bidri Craft.

Rasheed has won numerous awards for his work over the years, including; The State Award of 1984, The National Award of 1988, The Dist. Karnataka Rajya Utsav Award of 1996, and The Great Indian Achievers Award of 2004. Rasheed has also taken part in exhibitions and demonstrations across the globe, in destinations such as Holland, Barcelona, Chicago, Bahrain and Oman. In addition to his own work, Rasheed has organised several Apprenticeship Training Schemes, including one sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, where he trained 10 candidates for a period of one year i.e. from June 1992 to June 1993, in Bidri Craft.