Susan Andreae is a sculptor and printmaker based in London. Having trained first as a figurative sculptor her interest is in the form and structure of a subject whether it be figures, landscape, architecture or trees. However, she strives in her sculpture to convey the movement, stretch, stride or aspiration of the figure or groups of figures, rather than merely the anatomy. She sculpts directly in plaster and then casts final pieces into bronze or resin.

Having grown up in London, Susan is fascinated by the complexity of living in the city – the crowds, commuters, the architecture and visual energy of urban life, all of which have informed her etchings. She is particularly interested in individual figures within a crowd, sometimes escaping their environment, or blending into the architecture around them. She can often be seen in the streets drawing and working directly on her etching plates to capture first hand the pulse of city life.

Susan teaches at Morley College London’s Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries.