Suzanne Potter

A jeweller, maker of small objects and also a solo twin, Suzanne Potter’s absorbing collection of works revolves around the notions of twinness and identity. Potter's elegant, spare and thought-provoking pieces celebrate being one half of two, and collectively commemorate her lost twin sister, marking a new path of innate enquiry, and emotive subject matter.

Potter creates by hand, working intuitively, mixing flat shapes with constructed hollow forms, based on simple geometry and minimal aesthetics. By arranging and rearranging building blocks, she formulates wearable, sculptural jewellery, displaying a visual language of circles, lines, related forms, voids and solids. The designs echo each other and refer to the parallel worlds of biology and botany – connections, vessels, cells, seeds, shadows and reflections.

Materials include precious and base metals, red paint, mother of pearl and reconstituted coral. Her choice of colours reference visceral and memorial contexts. Potter holds an MA from the RCA London. She has been a maker member of Contemporary Applied Arts since 1994.